1. General laser ultrasonics
· Laser generation of acoustic waves
· Non-linear acoustics
· Laser ultrasonics for advanced materials (composites, ceramics, complex media, metamaterials, etc.)
· Signal processing and imaging
· Modeling (analytical & numerical)

2. Laser ultrasonics for NDE & industrial application
· Flaw and defect inspection and nondestructive testing
· Materials evaluation and characterization
· Laser ultrasonics in advanced manufacturing and for process control
· Guided wave
· Acoustic imaging
· Thin film characterization
· Laser ultrasonics in hazardous environment

3. Ultrafast laser ultrasonics and micro/nanoscale measurement
· Ultrafast laser ultrasonics
· Micro/nanoscale measurements

4. Advanced sensing and instrumentation
· Advanced sensing in Laser ultrasonics
· AI applications in laser ultrasonics
· Novel instrumentation
· Other related topics

5. Photoacoustics and biomedical applications
· Photoacoustic imaging
· Novel instrumentation in photoacoustic imaging
· Signal processing, imaging, and reconstruction
· Biomedical applications of Laser ultrasonics